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Benchmark Data (2d)

Three simplified versions of CBSFlow are provided for 2d simulations. These versions demonstrate two alternative approaches for numerical simulation of incompressible flows and one of compressible invisicid flow.

Classical benchmarks, as outlined in the 7th Edition of The Finite Element Method For Fluid Dynamics, are provided for both verification of the numerical methods and also as tutorial examples. The accompanying programs can be found in the Software section of the website. Both the source code and some pre-compiled executables are available for the 2d versions. The full CBSFlow program must be purchased in order to acquire the source code.

Incompressible Laminar Flow

Lid-driven Cavity

A range of Reynolds numbers from 100-5000 are examined, with three meshes provided. Click here.

Backward Facing Step

An experimental-based parabolic profile at Re=229, with two meshes provided. Click here.

Compressible Inviscid Flow

NACA0012 Aerofoil

Flow around the classic NACA0012 aerofoil at M=0.95. Click here.