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CBSFLOW (2D/3D) Parallel

CBSFlow 3d is a Finite Element Method solver for the Navier-Stokes equations. The parallel version presented here is capable of addressing incompressible problems using the message passing interface (MPI) libraries. Testing on a biomedical application demonstrated that this approach has a linear speed-up with an increasing numbers of processors.

The scheme underlying CBSFlow has been developed and applied to a wide variety of problems across the engineering spectrum. CBSFlow uses the characteristic-based split approach to convection stabilisation, with a fractional step approach to solving both steady and transient problems.

The methodology behind the CBSFlow software can be found in The Finite Element Method For Fluid Dynamics 7th Edition book, written by O.C. Zienkiewicz, R.L. Taylor and P. Nithiarasu.

The source code will be available for purchase shortly. If you wish to try the code, a pre-compiled SERIAL version of the program is available for download. This trial version is limited to 100,000 elements or 50,000 nodes.

These programs are provided as is, with no guarantee in accuracy or reliability. All of the programs are under copyright, and no part of the program should be reproduced without written permission. These programs will be updated and enhanced in future releases.

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